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Multiple HUBS vs Multiple Projects

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How to connect Help/Connecting Separate Service.

HI have my affiliate marketing business called Free Spirit Solutions LLC and my hub is all about affiliate marketing. 

However, I also am a Recovery Coach and Interventionist and have a domain called Kim Hurd Recovery. 

They are two separate services and want them to look like 2 different websites but be connected to my hub. 

How do I do this?  I don't want recovery clients to see Free Spirit Solutions webpage, I want it to feel and look like they are logging into my Kim Hurd Recovery website. 

I don't have a Kim Hurd Recovery website built anywhere, I want to create it on my hub. 

Do I create another hub?  How can I connect it?  I'm confused as you can tell.  

Some people have said create a subdomain, but I don't understand.  

Can you please help me?